Twitter Integration:

Key Points:

  • Usage of oAuth i.e. Open authentication for authenticating user that redirect end users on the twitter site and after successful authentication the user is again redirected to the application for further interaction. In such a secure way the end user will never hesitate to use his/her twitter credentials within your application.
  • Strong usage of Twitter APIs.
  • End user can update their twitter status from your site/application.
  • User can schedule their tweets to be posted in a certain date/time.
  • User can also update their tweets in a recurring basis determined by them.
  • Our strong database management will serve you to post your tweets in a hassle-free manner.
  • You can ask your end users for donating their twitter status. In this way when your users allow your application and authorize you to post their status on behalf of them, you can spread your words with more supporters in a single go and our services will manage the all the rest of the process to do so.
  • We can customize your application to show the twitter search results based on the hash tags or search terms you desired.
  • We provide the tiny url for the long sites url you want to show in your status that will lead to no text cuts in your status and the whole you can share with the 140 letters.