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Openlogic Systems

About Us

Not all solutions are obvious. Not all problems are easy. OpenLogic is a full service provider of solutions based on a mix of open source and custom software development services. Our clients range from small and medium sized business houses and large conglomerates.

Our vision is to provide personal and easy access to open source software resources and process. more...

New Projects

Aktnow involved conversion of client's PSD website design into HTML and its implementation into a Drupal 6 Theme.

An excellent example of a challenging Drupal implementation with a plethora of technologies working behind it. Its Facebook integration app, its Adobe Flex based web widget and its Twitter integration application were all developed by our in house programming team.

Openlogic provides all site administration and hosting for AktNow.


The 'AktNow Petitions' mobile app is to connect with thousands of people who share your views and make a difference! It allows users to participate in grassroots activism campaigns hosted on www.aktnow.com. Published for iPhone, Android & Palm.

The 'Christian Coalition mobile' app is very effective app to get connected, take action and stay informed on the critical issues that face a country. This application is also featured with the community sites i.e. facebook & twitter in a very secure way. Published both for iPhone and Android.

The project involved creating the complete Site Design, its Drupal Theme creation & implementation with actual hosting along with system administration of the site. Hosting of www.cc.org involves continuous monitoring for load balancing of its database servers which is managed by our team.

Conservative Outpost is a community driven site and project involved complete website overhaul including its Drupal theme recreation & implementation. As this site is constantly evolving our team is regularly redoing the required Drupal Theme changes, remotely with quick turnaround & effective cost savings.
Quite a few Drupal modules and technologies are implemented on this site by us like completely automated mailing lists through our predesigned email templates that are integrated with our custom configured open source PHPlist management implementations that in turn are further integrated with their Drupal site. We are also hosting and system administrating this site.

CPSGlobal is a non profit organization, its site propagates world peace and understanding. Openlogic is involved in their complete web presence. It’s a project in which the site is designed and its Drupal 6 custom theme developed by our team. Its hosting and system administration too is being handled by us.

  ITIF till date is our most involved & technologically intricate project that our team has had the pleasure of executing. It started with conversion of client's complex PSD website design into HTML and its implementation into a Drupal 6 Theme.

A complex & challenging Drupal implementation it involved usage of custom SQL query based dynamically generated front page. Intricate usage of Drupal's Date, Events & Calendar modules and their custom integration for complex Events creation & registration process.


Welcome to your new Drupal website!

Please follow these steps to set up and start using your website:

  1. Configure your website Once logged in, visit the administration section, where you can customize and configure all aspects of your website.
  2. Enable additional functionality Next, visit the module list and enable features which suit your specific needs. You can find additional modules in the Drupal modules download section.
  3. Customize your website design To change the "look and feel" of your website, visit the themes section. You may choose from one of the included themes or download additional themes from the Drupal themes download section.
  4. Start posting content Finally, you can create content for your website. This message will disappear once you have promoted a post to the front page.

For more information, please refer to the help section, or the online Drupal handbooks. You may also post at the Drupal forum, or view the wide range of other support options available.

Technologies we use


Our Portfolio

In a very short span of time Development India has had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of industries and clients. We have implemented more than 50 successful website development projects in the last two years itself. We optimally utilize technology as the perfect means to an end. Our current focus areas include, but are not limited to, Mobile Application Development, .NET Technologies, XML, Java/J2EE Technologies, VC++, Oracle, SQL Server, PHP and MySQL. View some of the work that we delivered successfully for our clients. more...

Drupal Custom Development

Most of our sites are implemented using the Drupal content management framework. Besides being an extremely well supported platform, Drupal provides and incredibly rich set of functional modules right "out of the box". Furthermore there are literally hundreds of contributed modules that provide additional functionality. Although it is immensely powerful, all this can be difficult to manage. We handle all this complexity and take the guesswork out of the equation for our clients. more...