DYS Module:

Key Points:

  • Using our DYS module i.e. Donate Your Status module you can invite your users/supporters to donate their status on community based sites like Facebook and Twitter. And thus you can update their facebook/twitter status on behalf of them.
  • In DYS module we provide oAuth for twitter authentication which redirect user on twitter site where end user will not bother to provide his/her credential and after successful authorization from twitter the user is redirected to your application for further interaction.
  • In DYS module fbconnect feature is used which let the end user to successfully donate their status in a secure way.
  • Using DYS module you can update the status on your donor’s facebook wall or twitter account either one-time or recurring based as per the donor’s permission.
  • Our strong database management team will automatically handle all these status updates as per donor’s permission.
  • You can easily manage your DYS module with a simple Administer section provided along with the module.
  • You can also watch the number of facebook/twitter updates till date, and no. of users who are connected with your application using DYS module.
  • In DYS module we also provide counts for the number of impacts your application gathered.